over Man

As a developer, you use the command line a lot. Sometimes to perform a task, sometimes just to learn about a command.

I tend to think that learning about commands using Man(man command), is actually hard. Let’s say you don’t remember how to use that grep command, so you fire up your terminal and type man grep, only to be welcomed with a non friendly big chunk of text. man-grep-result

Man is a really powerful tool, but it just gives you too much informations, making it hard to find what you need. That’s when comes in handy. It gives you a brief explanation on how to use a command, with helpful examples.

Try this in your terminal


man-grep-result See the difference ? Cheatseet = Brievity + Examples

That’s awesome but hey, it’s far easier to type man grep than curl, you must be saying. I feel you, so let’s wrap that long command into a bash function.

Bash functions (and aliases) can be used as commands in the terminal. They’re a great way to encapsulate long/complex operations into simple commands.

Add the following code into your ~/.bash_profile

cheat() {

Remember to run source ~/.bash_profile, so that your terminal knows about our new function.

From now on, you can just type

cheat grep

That’s still one letter more than man grep, but you can always rename the function with a shorter name. You just need to make sure that you choose a name, you can easily remember.

Thanks for reading.