Submit static forms to Google Sheet: The Easy Way

When building static sites, you may not want to implement a backend for handling your form submissions. Google sheet are a great way to store/use that data.

Here, I’m going to show you how to send your data, directy into a google sheet via a google form.

Write a static form

Let’s build a simple form, that we will use through this article. Go ahead, and create a file (index.html), containing this code.

      <label for="first_name"> First Name </label>
      <input type="text" name="first_name"/>

      <label for="last_name"> Last Name </label>
      <input type="text" name="last_name"/>

Setup a google form

If you’ve used google forms before, you know that the gathered responses can be exported to a google sheet. We will be using a google form, as a middle man between our static form, and our google sheet. Think of it as a messenger pigeon taking a message from Julius Ceasar (our static form), to his top General (our google sheet).

Create google form

Head to, and create a google form with the same fields as our static form.

Google Form

Set a google sheet as response destination

Let’s set the google form, so that responses go straight into a google sheet.

This is a very interresting part.

Prefilled Google Form

Submit your google form through your static form

When someone submits our static form, we need to internally submit the google form with the same data, so that the informations can be saved in our google sheet.

We can submit a google form in one click, by calling its direct submit URL A Google form direct submit URL is in the form:[entry.number=value]&submit=SUBMIT. We’re going to call this url when our static form is submitted, by replacing the default values with our static form data.

You can see that the submit url is very similar to the prefill one. Let’s tweak our prefill URL to get a submit URL.

In the prefill URL, replace viewform?usp=pp_url by formResponse? and then append submit=SUBMIT at the end of the url.

Now, let’s supply our form data. If a user enters first_name = ‘John’, last name = ‘Doe’, our form action url will be:

Below is a full working example:

In this example, we use javascript fetch API, to submit the google form with the same data in our static form.

Now you can head to your google form or google sheet to see the responses.

Happy Hacking